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Any good communicator will tell you that you only have one chance to make a good impression. Commercial photography is inextricably linked to that comment.

I have been involved in projects as diverse as shooting luxury houses and interiors to travel and tourism based photography.

Selling products requires attention grabbing shots. The right aspect, the correct light, the warmth, the detail, the impression, are all essential.

Companies that require their business showcased demand the best possible images . Construction, restaurants, pubs and clubs, may have different requirements but they all need to achieve maximum impact.

Putting together stunning shots for tourism brochures is an art in itself. They are the first step in encouraging people to want to visit, to stay and enjoy the village, the town or the country.

First impressions create lasting impressions.


Images from accidents, that could be used in a court of law, have to be accurate, sharp and legally compliant. Detailing injuries suffered by accident victims is technically demanding photography.

I currently offer an inclusive legal photography package for solicitors dealing with personal injury cases, traffic collisions and medical litigation. This is priced at £175 with a 28 day turn around.

The package includes reasonable travel, two bound and indexed albums, generally of six matt prints of 9”x 6”, a statement of authentication from the client and the photographer. Also included are medium resolution jpeg files which are supplied via email or CD for electronic storage. These can also be inserted into files, documents or PowerPoint presentations for court. All types of forensic and documentary photography is undertaken, including medical, injury/scarring and locus work.

Photographs are taken on full frame, high resolution cameras and archived on secure RAID systems. Please call 07738546005 for further information.

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