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Our lives pass faster than we like to think; children grow up, friends move on and sometimes those special people in our lives are no longer there. Nothing will ever exceed your personal memories of someone but portrait photography keeps those memories fresh and alive.

Photographing people has always been my passion, probably because it’s such a challenging arena in which to work. A lot of people don’t like having their picture taken so getting them to relax and making them comfortable is so important.

The secret of a good portrait is revealing the inner person that everyone knows and loves, that certain smile, a look, often makes or breaks the image. To see what I mean have a look at the pictures on a social network site and ask yourself how many truly reflect the subject’s inner personality

Before I press the shutter release I always choose the moment very carefully. Expressions are like sunlight dancing on a hillside, there one moment, gone the next. Shoot too early or too late and the image is never the same as it could have been. Many of the travel shots I take are of people, often taken at random as an opportunity presents itself. Other times I will often sit with a trader in a market and chat for an hour simply to seek out that instant when I know a classic portrait is in the bag.

These skills help me to photograph your family and friends as you see them, to provide you with a beautiful image, a special memory that will remain with you always.

Portrait sessions start from just £80.

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