Photography courses

Have you recently purchased a digital SLR.

Did the shots turn out as you had anticipated? No. Do you look at images in books and on the internet and think, how did they do that? Are your shots washed out, no detail in the sky, is everything always blurred, are you afraid to take the camera off auto?

I get a lot of enquires from people about photography training course, many new to photography and some returning after a break. They are often seeking a little bit of help or advice to point them in the right direction and achieve the wow shots they desire.

You may want to perfect your landscape techniques, perhaps just take those special shots of family and friends even your pets. Still life or macro, night shooting, there are many options.

Sometimes the jargon in magazines is a little difficult to understand. What’s a histogram or the difference between evaluative and spot metering? Most people I meet learn from hands on experience, when I started I picked up more by watching and talking to people than I ever did from a manual.

I offer basic, one to one, photography training sessions, based in Kent, from £30 per hour or £150 for a full day. You tell me what you need to know and I will adapt a session specifically for you. Haven’t got a camera yet? No problem, I will provide one for you to use.

After just a few hours you will be amazed. This is what one client said.

“Mike, spending the time with you was totally brilliant, and a great investment. I learned more in one day than the previous two years. The first shots I did on my own were stunning. You have a great style and didn't treat me like an idiot; you make it so simple to understand.” Chris Maldon Essex

Chris has gone on to become a very proficient semi-professional. So could you.

Give me call 07738 546005.